Paying for the experience?

I’d venture to say that most people that read this blog travel extensively – or at least have an interest in travelling. It’s also quite likely that you plan out your trips, and do your research. If you’re like me, you’ll spend countless hours researching how best to do a certain activity, and how to do it the most economical way possible. But are there times when you should just loosen your belt, open your wallet, and pay for the experience?

I’ve got a motto I like to travel by: “If you’re going to do it, do it right.” While it may imply spending a bit more to get EXACTLY what you want, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve always got to travel in style. To me, it just means that if you’re spending the money to do something, spend the money to get the experience that YOU want, rather than skimping on an activity just because it was a little more than what you were expecting. Otherwise, you just might regret it.

I’m in the process of planning a 3 week honeymoon to Europe, and I’ve come across this dilemma a number of times already. For example, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, there’s a restaurant called Le Jules Verne, located on the first level of this French icon. I don’t even have to look at the prices to KNOW that the bill will be inflated significantly, as this restaurant caters to tourists. But is it worth paying that much more for the experience, considering the meal might not be up to par? I’d have to say yes. At the end of the day, twenty years down the road, those are the kinds of experiences that you’ll remember. Especially for trips like your honeymoon, special events like dining ON the Eiffel Tower will be those that you cherish, and you’re not likely to remember how much the meal cost. (Well, my fiance might.)

In reading reviews of this restaurant, everyone says it’s expensive, yet everyone says they’d return. Why? The experience, the memories, and the locale made the meal. So if there’s activities, meals, or even an everyday purchase that you’re on the fence about, remember – “If you’re going to do it, do it right.”

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