Pebbles & A Path

Pebble PathSome people wake up on Saturday morning and make themselves a cup of coffee, read the newspaper, and just enjoying the weekend that was a long time coming. In our household, we (well, I, now that Megan is pregnant) find ways to try and move as much rock, soil, and other landscaping products as possible. This weekend was no exception.

Pebbles on the side of the houseSaturday’s impulse buy included 4 tons of pebbles, followed closely by 3 tons of mulch in an attempt to keep the ever-aggressive weeds from once again taking control of our backyard.

The pebbles were to cover the road base we already had in place for the paths. Down the side of the house, and between the two outdoor patios, the road base has been down for quite awhile to try and cut down on the mud the dog, Jake, tracked into the house. While it DID help, he still trackedĀ  in a bit of grit and dust that would quickly spread to the rest of the house. We finally found some pebbles that fit our design style and, six backbreaking hours later, we had it in place.

Not a moment too soon, either. Rain hit Sydney hard today – to the point of putting some of our lawn under water. Fortunately though, we came home to find a clean floor.

No dirty paw prints to be found!

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