Peg out completed!

peg outThanks to our soon-to-be neighbour Amanda, we’ve discovered that we’ve had site peg out! So what does that mean?

The builder (and quite often the surveyor) pegs out the dwelling footprint from the design drawings. They start at a boundary corner, peg a corner of the building, then lay a string line to describe the perimeter of construction. If the building has walls that step in and out each wall and its change in direction will need to be located on the site. While it’s not huge progress, it’s progress nonetheless, and the first sign of progress on site. Props to Metricon for expediting this – it was ordered on Wednesday, and completed on Saturday.

Oh, and our neighbour three lots down has a builder that is sparing no expense for the tradies on site.

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  1. SarahV says:

    woo hoo, you guys must have been jumping up and down when you heard the exciting news. This is the start of a very exciting 6 or so months ahead. Congratulations, can’t wait to see a slab. And that is one portaloo! I bet the tradies get a kick out of using that.

  2. Kriss says:

    Yay! It must feel so good to see more than paper progress.

  3. cielly says:

    yay! congratz! :) how exciting!

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