Permanent Occupancy Certificate (Part II)

The saga continues…

Council’s requirements to get our permanent occupancy certificate were, all in all, pretty reasonable. Fire protection measures needed to be in place, BASIX provisions needed to be in order, and downlights needed to be installed in an acceptable manner. What didnt’ make sense, was the dog door needed to be screened. Yep, the dog door was a fire hazard – despite having a metal cover that closed it off when we weren’t home. Apparently metal isn’t bushfire compliant. Who knew.

A few certificates were required from our builder stating that all bushfire prevention measures had been completed, and all necessary building inspections had been completed. It seemed pretty straightforward from here. Would you believe it wasn’t?

We had 30 days to complete what was requested by Council. The 30 days have come and gone, and we’ve had to file for an extension. While accomodating our request, we weren’t sure what was taking so long – until we spoke to Metricon.

To ensure the bushfire prevention measures were completed, Metricon sent out an inspector to have a look through the house. What he discovered was that a portion of our roof space did not have the proper sarking underneath the Colorbond. Very little information has been communicated to us since, but it must be a big deal, as the NSW State Building Inspector for Metricon is meeting with Council directly next week. We don’t know what’s being discussed, but it can’t be good. It never has.

Until next week…

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