Finally, progress with Blacktown Council


After a week of frustrating setbacks and heated conversations, we’ve started this week out on the right foot. Our representative at council has suddenly been extremely proactive in getting the approval expedited, and Metricon has approved our contract extension for a further 13 days (the 150 days in which we are to have council approval and building permits approved by).

Don’t remember reading anything about why we’d need an extension? It’s not you – I held off writing about it because I wanted to give Metricon a chance to come good on a decision we felt was in poor judgment. Let’s take a step back, and I’ll fill you in on what transpired during the previous week…

With our contract deadline fast approaching (March 3), we were making every attempt to make sure we met this deadline that was set forth by Metricon. From making ourselves available to pickup and drive documents between all parties involved, to having requested information and documents signed and turned around in hours rather than days, we were working diligently to be ready to go by Wednesday.

On Thursday, the 25th of February, we arrived at work to an email from council saying we were all but approved, with just a few minor details to be ironed out. Sadly, as one of our previous posts stated, our happiness was short-lived. It was then when we knew that meeting our deadline was going to be difficult. In an effort to make things happen, I worked from home on Friday and made myself available to run the outstanding documents from the RFS (Rural Fire Service) to Council.

To preface the situation with Metricon, I rang our Customer Service agent and explained our situation. Their response was very matter-of-fact. The 150 day timeframe, from the day of deposit to the day they require council approval and building permits, were to be met regardless of the reason for a delay. Despite their response, our customer service agent said she would review our case and get back to us with a decision by the end of the day.

At just after 5pm, I took a phone call that quickly became heated. We were not granted an extension and would be liable for the financial penalty associated with a delay. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy. I proceeded to list the reason we had that would validate an extension – the biggest, being a delay on Metricon’s behalf in getting the required documents to the developer in time to have them returned and submitted to council before the Christmas break (it’s worth nothing that the Blacktown Council DA department is open over the break). Instead, the plans sat at Metricon for 13 days, and were submitted when Metricon returned to work in January.

With no progress made this past Friday with Metricon (or during the rest of the week), Megan and I decided to write a letter, justifying why we deserved an extension. To their credit, Metricon reassessed the situation based upon our letter, and granted us the requested extension.

With progress finally being made, here’s hoping this continues, and the RFS gets back to council tomorrow with the approvals we need and council can subsequently grant council approval and the required building permits.

Everyone cross your fingers!

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  1. Kriss says:

    I am crossed for ya. And way to be proactive with the letter requesting the extension. Go you guys!

    Hang in there.

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