Real World Telstra Velocity Speeds

When we first moved in to Stonecutters Ridge, we (well, I) was excited about the idea that we’d be wired with Telstra’s Velocity network – a fibre optic connection that promised speeds of up to 100 MB/sec. Did it deliver?

In a nutshell, yes. Normal internet speeds on a day to day basis range anywhere from 92-97 MB/sec with a 5.5 MB/sec download speed – 5X faster than even the fastest ADSL2+ speeds that you’d find around Sydney. But when the rest of Australia goes to bed, and you’ve got the hardware to support it, I’ve been able to clock speeds higher than what Telstra advertises.

Telstra Velocity Speeds

Speed results as measured by

And this isn’t a fluke, as I’ve hit these speeds on a number of occasions – and not necessarily late in the evening, when all the ‘standard’ internet surfers have gone to bed for the night.

So, are we happy with our Telstra Velocity connection?

As far as speed goes – absolutely. But true to form for the behemoth of a company, their data plans aren’t on par with their competitors, and we have no other choice for an internet provider as Telstra owns the fibre lines that provides our quick connection. When companies like iiNet provide a Terabyte plan (1,000 GB) for similar prices to our 50GB plan, it makes me cringe. That said, unless I’m trying to stream internet radio or play online games, I rarely find myself hitting this 50GB limit. Still though, it’s an issue for me, on principle.

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  1. Dion says:

    I’m interested to see what routers are being used to provide WI-FI coverage in the home, and wether or not any issues are arising depending on the router being used?

    Does the ONT operate flawlessly for the household, in that the internet or phone doesn’t drop out every now and again?

  2. Stefan says:

    Hi Dion,

    We’ve had no issues with the internet or phone dropping out (as of yet), though now that I’ve said that…

    Here’s a speed test I ran from my laptop tonight via WiFi:

  3. Dion says:

    Thanks for your information…I may be moving into a FTTP (Telstra Velocity) new estate, and I’m going to be very interested in bandwidth limitations and speeds in general. I feel more confident about the whole thing now…Cheers

  4. Brett says:

    Hey Stefan,

    I recently moved into a velocity estate and also have the “so-called” fibre optics but i HAVE never gotten speeds even close to your connection speed. Would you know if fibre optics suffers from packet loss or line strength\quality like ADSL? My friend down the road is connected at 93mbps and he is only 400meters from my house. I dont want to call telstra just yet as we always have trouble with their service and I keep asking myself why i pay for the top plan only to connect at 15mbps. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Stefan says:

    Hi Brett,

    I’m by no means an expert, but I don’t believe that Fibre Optic lines have line strength issues like traditional copper wires do. While I’m sure there’s a degree of degradation (and a maximum transmission distance), you’d have to assume it’s far better than what ADSL lines would be. For what it’s worth, I had two Ethernet ports on the back of my computer. For whatever reason, when I plugged into one, I noticed terrible speeds, but when I switched to the other, my speeds increased dramatically. Remember too, if you’re using WiFi, your speeds will be less than a wired connection. Beyond your actual connection, your computers performance may dictate the quality of your internet connection.

  6. BJC says:

    Might be a stupid questing, but i presume ur hardware needs to be top notch to cope with speeds. So if i was to get a laptop that had 100mb cable ethernet connection, this would suffice.. right? and not get a laptop that has 10/100. or should i really be looking at getting a gigabyte connection

  7. Jack & Vip says:

    Hi Megan & Stefan – firstly, thanks so much for this wonderful blog – my wife and I are building a Liberty in Stonecutters as well – so you can imagine how useful we have found your experiences!

    We were hoping you might be able to offer some referrals for the driveway, fencing & landscaping – we have been doing our research and got some quotes back – but would be happier getting a recommendation.

    Look forward to catching up for a beer in the new clubhouse (when it’s finished!)

    Thanks, Jack & Vip.

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