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nothing to do listThe weekend isn’t quite here, but I can already tell you our excitement of seeing the progress this weekend has already worn off.

After a short call from our site supervisor today, we were informed the metal capping for the brickwork has been delayed  as it needs to be custom made and, despite being told it was in stock, was not currently available. This of course needs to be installed prior to the weather board cladding – which has subsequently been pushed to next week.

We’re of course disappointed about the delay, but do understand this delay was out of Metricon’s control, and happy that our site supervisor reached out to us proactively to address any concerns we may have had about losing a week during the build process. It’s another tick in the ‘good on ya’ column for Metricon.

So we must wait until next weekend to see any real progress, but if this is as bad as it gets we’re really doing OK.

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  1. Kriss says:

    Let’s hope this is surprising as it gets. Thinking of you both. Kriss

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