Stonecutter’s Ridge Golf Course – Opening soon?

stonecutters ridge entrance

With all the bad news we’ve been receiving lately surrounding the delays within the council approval process, it was nice to get some good news.

First posted by our neighbour Amanda at Stonecutter’s Ridge, the golf course is full steam ahead, with the first 7 holes open for play in around three weeks time, and the temporary clubhouse set for completion in approximately 3 months. While the entire 18 holes are set to be completed by November, then plan is to let the course ‘mature’ over summer and open it for play around April 2011. There’s still no date set for the completion of the permanent clubhouse and related facilities.

At least progress is being made somewhere. Hopefully we’ll get some good news this week regarding OUR progress, and get our plans approved by Blacktown Council.

But until then, I’ll take what I can get.

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  1. Kriss says:

    Still thinking of you and hoping for progress.

  2. John says:

    Guys that is one dreadful story of beaucratic mismanagement – I truly feel for you.

    Thought I might share with you my story because it might make you feel a little better.

    I bought an existing house to do a knock-down rebuild.

    The house is on the lower side of the street ever so marginally – too low though to drain the stormwater to the street though because we are cutting into the block.

    After digging around in the back yard I found what I expected, we had an existing stormwater drain (an easement) that went (downhill) through a neighbours property to a stormwater drain in the street below.

    So I think, build the new connect back up to it!

    The Council have told me that even though it is a 50 year old existing easement I have to register it.

    I then found out it went through two neighbours properties to the street below and both these properties have mortgages on them.

    I had to approach both my neighbours and get them and their banks to agree to register a covenant on the title to their properties. I then had to get a surveyor in to survey the easement. I had to get a plumber in to certify the pipes were serviceable. I then add to get a solicictor to draw up the legal documents and get it registered by Lands Dept.

    All this cost $5000 to enable me hook back onto the very same pipe my house today is connected to. Did I forget to mention this has taken 4 long months with me chasing it hard!!!

    But wait there’s more – even with all that done Metricons hydraulics engineer has told me that I will still need to put in underground water tanks to hold 15,000 litres of stormwater as a detention system – roughly another $10,000.

    All this time I’ve been unable to submit anything to Council until this was all sorted.

    I share your pain……………!

  3. Megan says:

    Oh John that sounds just awful!! How absolutely frustrating to have to do all that for something that is already there! I can see now why people quit their jobs to project manage their builds cause it can really be a full-time job!

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