Changes to Stonecutters Ridge Master Plan

We live in a world of asterisks. Everything comes with a warning or footnote. I suppose Stonecutters Ridge was no exception. On a walk in between rain showers this weekend, Megan & I noticed the new billboard in front of the sales centre was slightly different. Upon close inspection, it appears the remaining releases for Stonecutters Ridge will deviate from the original design. Luckily, it appears to be for the better. Check it out…

SCR ChangesWhile the golf course itself is unchanged, the neighbourhood roads and parks seem to meander and have more of a fluid flow throughout than before. In fact, the parks have become more of a focal point in the design than originally. Here’s a list of changes I’ve observed (as well as a bit of a warning that my list isn’t all-inclusive :) )

  1. Roads meander and flow more than previously
  2. 2nd entrance on Richmond Road
  3. Footpath to the proposed Nirimba shopping centre
  4. Parks (changed to circular layouts) have become more of a focal point than previously
  5. Many lots have been decreased in size around the middle of the community, increasing the number of total lots available

All in all, I am happy with these proposed changes. Beyond the more relaxed, community feel the changes will bring, the reduction in the size of future lots should allow the lots from the initial releases carry a more ‘premium’ price tag, should we ever sell.

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