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There are two great results from volunteering for a charity organisation that works with the homeless. One of the more obvious is the ability to give back and make a difference within the community. The second, and not as obvious, is how it makes you realise how good you really have it.

This past Tuesday, Megan & I volunteered with the Sydney Homeless Connect Foundation which put on an amazing event at Sydney Town Hall. The event was attended by over 1,000 homeless individuals from Sydney and the surrounding suburbs who came to take advantage of the numerous services that were offered.

From haircuts to massages, legal services to bike repair – the event brought countless organisations under one roof to help in any way possible. Even the Justice Group from “So You Think You Can Dance!” fame came out to put on a show for all in attendance.

When the doors opened at 10am, Megan & I stood at the front door as part of the meet and greet, and were literally floored by both the good natured attitude of those who just spent the night in the cold. Humbled in every way, it made me realise how good we truly have it, just sitting in a warm room in front of a computer.

Sydney Homeless Connect is in it’s inaugural year, but it will soon become an integral part of Sydney’s homeless assistance program. With over $250,000 worth of donated goods, including a proper pork roast for lunch, it’s obvious this event was a success from the get-go. Even the Lord Mayor and The Sydney Kings came out to show their support.

If you’ve ever thought of lending a hand to those less fortunate, reach out to many of the not for profit organisations around Australia. Feel free to reach out to the Homeless Connect program as well. It took 1/2 hour for people to volunteer for next year.

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  1. Kriss says:

    It sounds like a rewarding day for both of you.

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