Sydney Kings – They’re Putting the Band Back Together

The band is back together!

Despite Tim Morrissey so graciously stealing the tagline from Bob Turner (and Bob from the Blues Brothers), the Sydney Kings had their press conference this morning – announcing Bob (Megan’s dad) as Managing Director of the once prominent NBL franchise. Held this morning at the Newington College Basketball Courts in Stanmore, Bob Turner and the consortium announced that the Sydney Kings would retain the infamous King name and logo, while the home of the Kings has yet to be determined.

While numerous names have been thrown around as to who the new coach will be, no mention was made today, and this announcement is likely to come next week.

If you missed it, here’s a few photos from the press conference today. These photos are being distributed by Basketball Australia as part of the media coverage surrounding the event, and I’ve been published in the Sydney Morning Herald and on the NBL website. Held at the Newington College basketball complex, the Kings showed a desire to get back to “grass roots” basketball, shooting hoops with a number of students.

The biggest takeaway from today is that they are making the games affordable again. Tickets will be no more than $20 and a special offer on season tickets for those wanting to sign up in the next 30 days.

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  1. Kriss says:

    Congratulations! It must be so great for it to be official and big public news.


  2. maja says:

    You mean we can talk about it now??!!

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