Sydney – Is it really a sad, angry city?

Sydney SkylineFrom the outside, it’s sparkling gem, situated on the warm South Pacific Ocean. But for those that are trying to get by in this popular tourist destination, the future of this city seems to have lost it’s sparkle.

In an article from Friday’s Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Sydney is being painted as a dreary place – a city that is fractured and losing it’s sheen.

Sydney has changed. It is a sadder, meaner and angrier place to live. Sydney is a city under siege; from higher house prices, to mortgages, electricity prices, toll roads, congestion … you name it.

For those of us that live here, the ideas of how to change Sydney for the better are varied. But overall, the setiment is the same. The cost of living, a greedy government, and public transportation consistently rank at the top of residents demands. The general population feels the government needs to step in and actually fix the problems, rather than band-aid them until the wound is exposed again in a few years time. Have they finally done that with the Northwest growth sector?

North west Sydney is booming, and Stonecutters Ridge seems to be well placed in a growth centre that should soon see large companies moving to the new business park located just off Richmond Road. It appears that, at least this part of Sydney, the Norwest development is planning for the future. The area itself is undergoing gentrification, and it shows. Otherwise rundown areas seem to be cleaning themselves up and the residents are starting to take pride in their neighbourhood, and new mass transit facilities appear to be earmarked for a go ahead. Then again, we’ve heard that before (ie. North West rail link).

But for someone that communtes to the CBD on a daily basis, I can still relate to many of the issues that plague Sydney residents. CityRail is a broken entity. Trains are overcrowded, covered in graffiti, and generally uncomfortable – the A/C and heat rarely work as expected. It sums up the troubles NSW is facing.

What are your experiences with Sydney? Is the author right – is the city losing its sparkle?

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