Stonecutters Ridge Clubhouse Construction Underway

Stonecutters Ridge ClubhouseConstruction traffic on our street has increased over the last few months as large earth moving equipment have started to shape the surrounding landscape to make way for the newest divisions of Stonecutters Ridge to be built. But earlier this week, a momentous occasion was reached with Medallist commencing construction on the golf course clubhouse – the focal point for what is intended to be Northwest Sydney’s premier golf club.

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Is Ashlar Golf Club relocating to Stonecutters Ridge?

Stonecutters Ridge LogoStonecutters Ridge is a Greg Norman designed golf course. Beautifully landscaped across rolling hills, it’s designed to challenge even the most avid golfer. But while Greg and hisĀ  design company “Medallist” may have designed the course, they never intended on running it.

Early on in 2008, Ashlar Golf Club was approached by Medallist about possibly relocating their club to Stonecutters Ridge and jump starting SCR member base. This proposal was originally considered to be, more or less, a swap of land. Medallist would allow Ashlar to relocate at virtually no fee, and the club would hand over the land that the current course resides on – eventually to be turned into a new housing development. Though given a decent look, the lack of support by surrounding residents at Ashlar to provide adequate road access and the “economic climate” proved to be too difficult to push the move through, and the idea was shelved.

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