Three great Australian home build blogs


It was only natural for us to try and document our entire build process online. My family lives a good 7,000km away in San Diego, California and I wanted a way to share in our experience and adventure of building a home.

Maybe it’s because I had never even thought of building a home before, or perhaps it’s just a sign of the times, but there seems to be literally hundreds of home building blogs scattered around the internet these days. A good majority of these seem to have been left for dead just a few months into them. Whether it was because it just became to monotonous or too time consuming we’ll never know, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find a few gems that really stuck with it and documented the entire process in great detail. Here are three great Australian home build blogs (other than ours, of course) that we found helpful when we were still building.

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Indian tourism in Australia in danger?

indian attacks

From a preferred destination to a most-avoided holiday spot – the downslide in the Indo-Australian tourism sector has come rather fast in the wake of the alleged racist attacks on Indians there. Indian tourists are cancelling plans to travel Down Under after watching the plight of Indian students there.

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Australian State Parks: Free entry on Australia Day

australian state parksIt’s not Hamilton Island, and you’re not getting paid to stay there, but at least they’re not charging you.

National parks throughout NSW will waive entry fees on January 26 to celebrate Australia Day. Premier Nathan Rees said Australia Day was a perfect time to appreciate the nation’s natural beauty.

“Our native bush is an important symbol of what it means to be Australian,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.

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An Aussie Christmas: Beer, BBQ, Beach

Aussie Christmas

While the rain is bucketing down in Southern California, and snow is falling near the San Francisco Bay area, we in Australia are gearing up for a Christmas that promises to be full of laughter, cheer, and the beach. Ah yes, Christmas time in Australia. Warm weather, a few beers with close mates and family, and a BBQ. Now that Christmas is actually upon us, I’m ready to celebrate. When I first came to Australia for Christmas three years ago, I thought I’d miss the cold, cozy weather that comes with Christmas; bundled up inside by the fire.

I was wrong.

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The Australian Navy: Leave a message, we’re on holiday

While I never expect to read a normal news article on any given morning these days, this one struck me as a bit odd. More so because this is the kind of thing you’d think you wouldn’t want advertised:

The Australian Navy will be on a 2 month holiday.

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