Hilltop Balinese in San Diego

The ViewWithin the rolling hills of San Diego, it’s not uncommon to find hilltop homes with sweeping vistas of the San Diego landscape. But finding a home with Balinese features and open plan living can be a bit more difficult.

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Starting our landscaping

Outdoor room, with tropical landscaping

Back to the grind tomorrow. Three weeks off of work saw my family out from San Diego, California for the holiday season and the accompanying tourist activities that come with having visitors. Mixed in alongside all the standard tourist destinations was a bit of yard work. Okay, a lot of yard work.

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Feeling Balmy? – Metricon’s Studio M

Balinese garden designAs Megan and I approach our yard with a relatively basic idea of the type of landscaping we’d like, we still find ourselves looking for inspiration from whatever source we can find. We’ve decided to try and reproduce a sustainable, yet tropical landscape, and while we look to Hawai’i for the inspiration, it’s inevitable that here in Australia most of the tropical design tends to come from Bali. The Balinese culture has had a huge impact on interior decorating within Australia for many years – and the trend just keeps getting stronger.

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Landscaping: More motivation (Like I needed it)

Binet backyardAs I wrote about previously, we’ve had a number of influences on our decision to go with a tropical, resort style yard for the new house.

Beyond our many trips to Hawai’i, and love of Balinese style architecture, there was yet another point of inspiration that we came across when Megan and I first started our search for the perfect home. This inspiration came from a property that the luxury home builder Binet Homes built in the Castle Hill suburb, Northwest of Sydney.

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A Balinese style landscaped backyard

As Megan and I continue on our quest to prepare for and create a backyard oasis in which we can enjoy what little free time we have, we find ourselves constantly returning to the resort style living we love so much. It’s something I’ve really liked for a long time, and after getting married at the Hyatt on the Island of Kaua’i, Megan has come around to it as well.

On Boxing Day 2009, we had a BBQ at a friends house here in Sydney, and were thoroughly impressed with the landscaping (and hardscaping) they’ve completed in their backyard. With an amazing timber pergola and lush tropical landscaping, this was exactly the look we’re likely to strive for…

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