Stonecutters Ridge hosting the NSW Open

5th hole at Stonecutters Ridge

When we originally decided to build at Stonecutters Ridge, we were promised that one day, this golf course would be a contender for major tournaments. The course didn’t even open for at least a year after moving in, but this promise has eventuated.

The 2014 NSW Open forms part of the PGA Tour of Australasia and will be played at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club, near Blacktown, from 13-16 November. Entry to the course is FREE.

With the historic NSW Open to be held at Stonecutters Ridge Golf Club next month, organizers have received tremendous support from local and
national businesses keen to anchor the event in the Greater Western Sydney heartland. Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) have shown tremendous support of golf across Australia through their association with both Golf NSW and separately with the PGA of Australia.

Radio 2GB will again be lending their powerful support of the event through their large listening audience, and are valuable media partners of the tournament. To be able to reach over 600,000 different people each week across a broadcast area that stretches north to Budgewoi, west to Katoomba and south-west to Picton, it is acknowledged as the No.1 station for all listeners aged 30 and over.

In addition to Radio 2GB, the NSW Open has also secured Sky Radio as another media partner. Their popular breakfast program “Big Sports
Breakfast” will be broadcast ‘live’ from Stonecutters Ridge on the mornings of the first round (Thursday 13th November) and of the final round (16th November).

The press release in its entirety can be read here.

The Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course has matured significantly since it opened. While the club itself continues to experience growing pains since moving from Ashlar, the ongoing maintenance of the course is exceptional and a day on the course here is great day out. The NSW Open will no doubt be a successful event that should see the NSW Open find a home here for years to come.

Permanent Occupancy Certificate (Part III)

After a long wait, with little information from both Metricon and Council, we received the phone call we’d been waiting to get for quite awhile. Council has signed off on the remaining items, and our permanent occupancy certificate is in the mail!

For weeks, we’ve been wondering what big issue we’d be facing next. No info was being communicated from the builder (please work on this in the future, Metricon!) and frankly, we were starting to freak out. After a number of unreturned phone calls to Metricon, we were contacted out of the blue by Blacktown City Council. It wasn’t Metricon that was causing the hold up – it was Council!

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Permanent Occupancy Certificate (Part II)

The saga continues…

Council’s requirements to get our permanent occupancy certificate were, all in all, pretty reasonable. Fire protection measures needed to be in place, BASIX provisions needed to be in order, and downlights needed to be installed in an acceptable manner. What didnt’ make sense, was the dog door needed to be screened. Yep, the dog door was a fire hazard – despite having a metal cover that closed it off when we weren’t home. Apparently metal isn’t bushfire compliant. Who knew.

A few certificates were required from our builder stating that all bushfire prevention measures had been completed, and all necessary building inspections had been completed. It seemed pretty straightforward from here. Would you believe it wasn’t?

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Framing of the house has begun

front doorWell, here we go – we’re moving up! This past week, Metricon Homes started framing up our house. No longer do we have a flat, almost 2D flat block of land with a bunch of cement on it. We now have the ability to start visualising what our home will look like, and how the dimensions are all going to work. While most of the framing that has been done, there’s a few issues here and there, but it’s nothing the site supervisor and/or inspector should have an issue picking up on – I’d assume they’ll invite us along for the walkthrough anyways, before moving on to the next stage.

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Council Approved!

158 painstakingly long days later, we finally have Council Approval. After a frustrating whirlwind adventure, complete with stories that you wouldn’t believe, we’ve got the approved stamped plans, hand delivered to Metricon by Megan this afternoon. After all the hardships it came down to a solution that, in my opinion, should have been suggested weeks months ago…

When the dust cleared this week over at Council, the solution that was left standing was exactly what we wanted in the first place, except the wood used in the bifold doors had changed and we were out another $5,000. We changed from the standard Meranti wood (softwood) that is used to build the doors to the more expensive Merbau wood. Merbau is a hardwood that has been tested against Level 3 bushfire zones (we’re level 1). While we’ll be paying a premium to get our bifold doors made of Merbau (they’ll need to be custom made) the upside, besides the approval process, is the way the doors age. They’re likely to last a lot longer than they would have otherwise. In fact, we’re looking into replacing our two sets of French Doors to Merbau too. Of course, that’s pending Metricon’s quote.

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