Tiling, and a weekend away from it all

Jervis Bay

Wow, what a weekend. The amount of progress made on the house last week makes us realise that we really don’t have a lot of time left to prepare for moving into our new home. Assuming all goes to plan, we’ll be in relatively quick – reminiscing about the whirlwind adventure we’ve been on over the last 12 months.

To prep ourselves for what’s to come (and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary), we made it a long weekend and drove down the coast to Jervis Bay for what ended up being anything but a relaxing getaway. If you live anywhere near NSW, you’re probably very well acquainted with the storm we had over the weekend. Here it Sydney it seemingly paled in comparison to what we experienced in Jervis Bay. With heavy rain, and wind gusts topping out at around 130 kph, it felt as if we were in the midst of a hurricane.

Ironically, in a way, we are.

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Communicating with your builder

Better communication“Only he who does nothing makes a mistake. “  -French Proverb

While we can all dream about a house build that was mistake free, it’s not something that’s likely to happen to any of us. Mistakes happen – it’s just a fact of life it seems. But what really counts is how those mistakes are addressed.

When we noticed the issues surrounding the bifold doors and the frosted glass on the front door over the weekend, we made a point to try and call our site supervisor first thing Monday morning so he’d be aware of the error, and get a jump on fixing it. Come to find out, he got the jump on us. He already knew we were concerned about the mistake!

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The calm before the storm

Thunderstorm over Stonecutters RidgeThis isn’t much more than a post on nothing.


Nothing happened last week, and nothing has happened this week. But according to many that frequent our blog, this is all about to change.

We’re set to hear from our site supervisor at some point this week who will give us a date for our site start. While that date won’t be this week, nor is likely to be next week, at least we’ll have a better idea as to when this “calm” will disappear, and the whirlwind adventure truly starts. As many have said that went before us, once it starts, it doesn’t stop – until you shake your head and realise you’re sitting inside your new home.

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We’ve been approved by Blacktown Council – now what?

Council has approved the plans, we’ve received or “Authorization to Commence Construction” from our lender and the land has been cleared of all rubbish, debris, and tall weeds. So now what?

Now we wait.

After the monotonous back and forth process between the builder, council, our bushfire consultant, and the Rural Bushfire Service over the past two months, it is nice to start getting into a routine and understand clearly what the process is from here.

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Council Approval issues

Hey all, just a quick update on the whole process. Blacktown Council is taking a lot longer than we had anticipated. Today, we found out why.

After speaking with our customer service manager with Metricon, we discovered they had received a RFI (request for information) regarding the bushfire protection measures that we’ve got in place. Some of the requests are straight forward, while some may prove not to be…

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