Outstanding warranty issues: Update

I’ve been slack on updating. Funny how life can shift your priorities. Bryce is growing like a weed – smiling, giggling, and just bringing a whole lot of happiness to our lives. Things all of a sudden feel like they’re in fast forward. Unfortunately, addressing the outstanding warranty issues feels like it’s progressing at a snails pace.

Over a month later, we still have a lot of the issues we brought up with Metricon outstanding. The Christmas holidays brought things to a screeching halt, and all the rain that Sydney has been getting caused numerous delays. Even a bit of bad luck delayed the replacement of our ensuite mirror (On their way here, the driver went over a speed bump too fast and the mirror broke!). But with that said, a few items have been addressed.

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Finally, progress with Blacktown Council


After a week of frustrating setbacks and heated conversations, we’ve started this week out on the right foot. Our representative at council has suddenly been extremely proactive in getting the approval expedited, and Metricon has approved our contract extension for a further 13 days (the 150 days in which we are to have council approval and building permits approved by).

Don’t remember reading anything about why we’d need an extension? It’s not you – I held off writing about it because I wanted to give Metricon a chance to come good on a decision we felt was in poor judgment. Let’s take a step back, and I’ll fill you in on what transpired during the previous week…

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What to look for when building a home

key exchangeWe can all look back at our childhood and remember the oddest details about the house we grew up in – whether it’s the secret hiding spots you found when playing with the neighbourhood kids, or the location of the hole you put in the wall and subsequently patched over. The memories of a welcoming and comforting home stick with us forever. I think that’s why we’ve chosen to build a home – a home that is built the way we want it to be built. Whether you choose to buy affordable homes or have a home builder build your ideal home, there are a lot of options you will need to consider. If you do choose to undertake a custom home build, here’s a few tips that will make the entire process a little less stressful…

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Espresso, at a price

I like coffee. No, I LOVE coffee. My morning isn’t complete without at least one cup. My espresso maker is a godsend. I have personalised coffee mugs. Two of them. And what’s best, is I haven’t been to a Starbucks in over a year.

flat white

So about a year ago I purchased (with quite a bit of convincing required with Megan) an espresso machine. It was one of the best investments I’ve ever made ( I mean we). I have no idea how much money I’ve saved by not going out to get coffee, but look – we’re able to build a house!

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Metricon – Studio M & Envisage

After our external colour appointment with Metricon’s Studio M last week, we were alerted to a very useful, and relatively unknown website called Envisage. Seemingly part of Studio M, this website allows you to better visualise your external and internal colours and see how well they go together.


Here’s our take at it. While the shape of the house won’t mimic ours, it still does a pretty good job of letting us know how our colour selections will end up looking like.

We were able to choose the brick style, weatherboard texture and colour, roof type (Woodland Grey Colorbond), and even front door and window types (we’re going with wood windows on the front of the house, so we’ve naturally selected wood). You can even select the stain type you’re using on the wood!

You even have the ability to visualise the interior of your house – from a living area to the kitchen. It’s fun to play around with the different colour combinations, and try to understand how colours play off of each other better.

You do need to register to use it, but you DON’T need to be a Metricon home builder (though it does help). Enjoy!