Permanent Occupancy Certificate

We decided that, after almost 18 months living in our ‘new’ home, we were ready to approach Blacktown Council around getting our Permanent Occupancy Certificate. They were quick to respond, and a day later we had the very same inspector that we ‘dealt’ with for our bushfire concerns out inspecting the house. You could have cut the tension with a knife.

So how did it go? To be honest, I’m not sure. He wrote a bunch of stuff down as he meandered through the house – making the occasional comment to Megan and I. Then, he asked about our bushfire protection measures.

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Council Inspection

Fireplace and French Doors

After talking to our inspector at Blacktown Council, we discovered that he was out at the house on Wednesday to do our final inspection, and sign off on the house. It appears that virtually everything meets their expectations and there’s just a few things left to complete before we satisfy all their concerns. Unfortunately the screening of the French doors is still one of those outstanding issues.

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Council Approval Issues, Part Deux

Christmas room (Sitting room)

If you’ve been following our blog from the beginning, you’ll be well and truly familiar with our initial council approval issues that surrounded our bifold door installation and finding an appropriate way for them to meet the harsh bushfire restrictions that are in place for our lot.

Unfortunately, it appears that this problem is set to rear its ugly head once again. But this time…it’s as the build process comes to a close.

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Frankly, we’re wrapped

Side of the house

It’s Saturday. Yet another weekend that included a trip to the house at Stonecutters Ridge. Our expectations were pretty high this week, seeing as no real work was completed last week due to a supply issue. After speaking with our site supervisor a few times during the week, we were under the impression that cladding would at least be partially installed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

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A bushfire-proof house?

Bushfire proof houseSounds too good to be true? Think again.

After recently struggling to get our house passed through council in compliance with the strict guidelines for building in bushfire prone land, the following story caught my eye on the Sydney Morning Herald website. (Ok, admittedly it was a picture of things on fire, and I’m male…) It documents a flame/heat test on a home made almost entirely of metal, and seems to have passed with little more than a few singed hairs. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but if you were caught inside, there’s a good chance you would have survived…

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