Stonecutters Ridge Community Centre Grand Opening

Stonecutters Ridge is growing quickly and the golf course will be open for play in just a few weeks! As the area starts to mature and come into its own, the community is invited to the official opening of Stonecutters Ridge Neighbourhood Centre on Saturday, 4 August 2012 from 11am to 3pm with a jam packed day of FREE entertainment and family activities.

Bring the entire family along to see what Stonecutters Ridge Neighbourhood Centre has to offer. The day will feature face painting; an animal farm; a jumping castle and a FREE BBQ from 12noon to 2.30pm.

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Stonecutters Ridge – Stage 3&4 Registered and Open

The community was buzzing yesterday – construction equipment was flying up and down the road, the paving machines were out, and landscapers seemed to be furiously hacking back the plants growing in the median on our street. What was going on? We’ve grown accustomed to the construction traffic out front, but today it seemed like it had all been kicked up a notch.

The fence came down.

We no longer live at the end of the road. The fence, which separated Stages 3 & 4 from the rest of Stonecutters Ridge, officially came down as of 4pm yesterday. Our road, which was once a poorly constructed round-a-bout, is now the lifeline to the soon-to-open Stonecutters Ridge clubhouse, and countless new homesites that will quickly become cherished family homes.

It’s fun to see the community grow. Walking around the newest area of the neighbourhood last night, you could already sense the changes that are on the horizon. The vibe, the community, the neighbourhood – it’s all changing. For the better. For those of you that will soon see your new home rise from the ground, congratulations – it’s all starting to happen!

Changes to Stonecutters Ridge Master Plan

We live in a world of asterisks. Everything comes with a warning or footnote. I suppose Stonecutters Ridge was no exception. On a walk in between rain showers this weekend, Megan & I noticed the new billboard in front of the sales centre was slightly different. Upon close inspection, it appears the remaining releases for Stonecutters Ridge will deviate from the original design. Luckily, it appears to be for the better. Check it out…

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Community BBQ

Stonecutters Ridge BBQ

The weather is warming up, and not a moment too soon. Sunday arrived with blue skies and warm temps, and by midday the mercury reached 26c. It was perfect weather for the first of what I’d assume will be countless neighbourhood BBQ’s at Stonecutters Ridge. It gave us the chance to meet even more of our future neighbours in person that we’ve been conversing with on our online community forum. By the days end, we knew we’d chosen the perfect place to build our home.

Our neighbours are awesome.

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We’ve got neighbours!

Next door NeighboursToday, we were notified by Medallist sales consultants that our neighbours on the lot to our left have settled on the land. Now, it’s only a matter of time until they start the same process we’ve been going through for the last five months.

Whether they start building straight away or at some time in the future, we look forward to getting to know our future neighbours soon. While there’s a bit of business that will need to be looked after, such as the split cost of fencing, the more exciting part for us is getting to know the family who will likely be next door for years to come.

It’s nice to see the neighbourhood growing too – just this weekend we spent most of Sunday out at Stonecutters Ridge with a number of our future neighbours. I’m happy to say I look forward to living near these wonderful people. Whether it’s because we’re all going through similar experiences in our lives (ie. building a home), or we’re just that lucky, it’s very apparent that Stonecutters Ridge will be become a close-knit community. I’m sure the community website helps too. It has allowed us to interact with fellow “Stonecutters Ridgers” before anyone actually moves in.

Cool, huh?

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