Changes to Stonecutters Ridge Master Plan

We live in a world of asterisks. Everything comes with a warning or footnote. I suppose Stonecutters Ridge was no exception. On a walk in between rain showers this weekend, Megan & I noticed the new billboard in front of the sales centre was slightly different. Upon close inspection, it appears the remaining releases for Stonecutters Ridge will deviate from the original design. Luckily, it appears to be for the better. Check it out…

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A Chocolate Room

The Chocolate Room

When building a new house, or redecorating an older one, a lot of thought goes into what you want it to look like, what “theme” you’re going for, and what colours you’ll use. You often incorporate styles and objects that are near and dear to you as well. Apparently a few artists in Lithuania love their chocolate, because that’s exactly what they did.

You guessed it. Seven artists, armed with 300 kg of chocolate, have built a room made entirely of Chocolate. Currently on display, the room features all the normal decorative items you’d find in a dining room. The only difference? They’re made of chocolate. White, dark, milk – you name it, they’ve used it.

While  shoppers are being treated to this interesting spectacle of sweets – at least, visually –  they will have to wait until next month to taste a piece of the walls and decor. You can read more (and see more photos) here on the SMH website.

Feeling Balmy? – Metricon’s Studio M

Balinese garden designAs Megan and I approach our yard with a relatively basic idea of the type of landscaping we’d like, we still find ourselves looking for inspiration from whatever source we can find. We’ve decided to try and reproduce a sustainable, yet tropical landscape, and while we look to Hawai’i for the inspiration, it’s inevitable that here in Australia most of the tropical design tends to come from Bali. The Balinese culture has had a huge impact on interior decorating within Australia for many years – and the trend just keeps getting stronger.

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Shark spotted at Stonecutters Ridge

Shark spotted at Stonecutters Ridge

As you’re probably aware, Stonecutter’s Ridge is a Greg Norman designed golf course – one of the last courses designed by his Australian based design company before he shut down operations nationally and moved the offices offshore to one of the world’s most prominent and up and coming golf destinations – China.

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Final Construction Plans – Complete!

new home construction plan

The final construction plans have been sent across to us, with just a few minor questions regarding some of our decisions and triple checking everything for accuracy. After all, as soon as Metricon hits the go button, we can’t make any additional changes.

Since we received our Council Approval last Thursday, and our Commencement to Start construction from our lender on Monday, Metricon has been in control of the speed in which the project progresses. Up until then, Megan and I have been used to having three or four different companies involved in the approval process. Admittedly, since Metricon took the reigns, things have sped up. It took them less than a week to review and add any Council mandated changes into the plan.

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