Metricon Warranty Issues are a thing of the past

With most warranty issues resolved, and only minimal follow up work left, we are very close to putting our issues and concerns with Metricon behind us. Not a moment too soon either, as I am over having the tradesmen showing up just as we’ve got the baby to sleep, only to have him wake again.

We raised the issue around scratched glass in our windows and doors and, as of yesterday, all windows and doors have been replaced. All of these were the result of the cleaners that Metricon hired, using dull razors to scrape away the dark oak stain from the glass – something that ended up costing Metricon a pretty penny.  It appears that this is a common issue in new homes too – a neighbour of ours who also built with Metricon had similar issues. He too had to fight to get these replaced. Frustrating, but a worthy battle to fight. We’ve even had a home here at Stonecutters Ridge that had to have ALL their tapware replaced, after the cleaners used an acidic cleaning solution that caused it all to rust.

So with warranty issues more or less behind us, we can start to look at other projects around the house. We’ve recently had retaining walls built in our front yard built (pictures forthcoming), and had plans drawn up for a veranda. There’s a lot to look forward to now!

90 Day Inspection fixes have started

French doors on the side of a Liberty 42

French Doors, open during the build.

Repairs resulting from the 90 day inspection have finally started – but only just. It’s by no means happening fast, but it’s in progress nonetheless. Some of the easiest fixes have been completed but still waiting for the rest to happen.

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Our garage door

Our garage door

As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t been any progress on our french door issue, but our preoccupation with that issue temporarily subsided when our neighbour sent across a picture this morning…of our new garage door!

It’s a “dark oak” wood look Colorbond door! Obviously cheaper than a real wood door, it will also require a lot less maintanence than real wood would. After all, I’m already having to look after all the other wooden doors, windows, and gable in-fills. I reckon I’ll be getting really good at sanding and staining over the next few years.

All from me today – not much else happening, but thought I’d share nonetheless.

Council Approval Issues, Part Deux

Christmas room (Sitting room)

If you’ve been following our blog from the beginning, you’ll be well and truly familiar with our initial council approval issues that surrounded our bifold door installation and finding an appropriate way for them to meet the harsh bushfire restrictions that are in place for our lot.

Unfortunately, it appears that this problem is set to rear its ugly head once again. But this time…it’s as the build process comes to a close.

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Reflections on our selections inspection

French Doors in the Master Bedroom

Hello Monday, where did the weekend go? If you’re like us, the weekend flew by bringing Monday entirely way too soon. But in an attempt to find the silver lining on a seemingly short weekend, we were looking forward to our early Monday morning meeting with our site supervisor. Why? As of last week, we’ve been locked out! We stopped by on the weekend to try and see any sort of progress, but peering through windows and over fences just doesn’t work.

This morning however, we had a ‘guided tour’ of our house, during which our site supervisor addressed a few question and issues he had…

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