Stairs and doors

The bifold doors are installed

People are always telling us that when lock up stage arrives, it’s really difficult to see any progress. Maybe that’s true, but that’s probably when the doors are locked, installed correctly, and workmen aren’t on site and inviting you in. For us, it was a different story entirely.

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It’s starting to feel like a house!

The front of the house with french doors.

I think we’ve set a record this weekend. *Checks watch* Yep. We’ve officially spent more time at the house this weekend than we have at any point during the build process thus far.

On Saturday morning, we received a phone call from our site supervisor, letting us know that the carpenters were on site working a half day trying to catch up on some of the time lost during the poor weather from earlier this week. It’s nice to hear that our SS is trying to keep things on schedule for us/them. He also briefed us on what is to come over the next two weeks.

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