Stonecutters Ridge – Stage 3&4 Registered and Open

The community was buzzing yesterday – construction equipment was flying up and down the road, the paving machines were out, and landscapers seemed to be furiously hacking back the plants growing in the median on our street. What was going on? We’ve grown accustomed to the construction traffic out front, but today it seemed like it had all been kicked up a notch.

The fence came down.

We no longer live at the end of the road. The fence, which separated Stages 3 & 4 from the rest of Stonecutters Ridge, officially came down as of 4pm yesterday. Our road, which was once a poorly constructed round-a-bout, is now the lifeline to the soon-to-open Stonecutters Ridge clubhouse, and countless new homesites that will quickly become cherished family homes.

It’s fun to see the community grow. Walking around the newest area of the neighbourhood last night, you could already sense the changes that are on the horizon. The vibe, the community, the neighbourhood – it’s all changing. For the better. For those of you that will soon see your new home rise from the ground, congratulations – it’s all starting to happen!

Shark spotted at Stonecutters Ridge

Shark spotted at Stonecutters Ridge

As you’re probably aware, Stonecutter’s Ridge is a Greg Norman designed golf course – one of the last courses designed by his Australian based design company before he shut down operations nationally and moved the offices offshore to one of the world’s most prominent and up and coming golf destinations – China.

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Stonecutter’s Ridge Golf Course – Opening soon?

stonecutters ridge entrance

With all the bad news we’ve been receiving lately surrounding the delays within the council approval process, it was nice to get some good news.

First posted by our neighbour Amanda at Stonecutter’s Ridge, the golf course is full steam ahead, with the first 7 holes open for play in around three weeks time, and the temporary clubhouse set for completion in approximately 3 months.

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An afternoon at Stonecutters Ridge

Sadly, not much is happening at the moment. Metricon has been difficult to deal with over the last few days, as the 150 deadline looms on the horizon. While no extension has been granted as of yet, I still hold out hope that they’ll see things from our point of view and grant us a short extension, if needed. Until a final answer is given, I feel it’s not fair to post details as to what has been happening. So as we wait for the last few details to be ironed out and approval to be granted, we took the chance to head out for a stroll around Stonecutters Ridge on Saturday afternoon. Here’s a few shots from the day…

View across the estate.stonecutters ridge view

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Hole in one? Win US$1 million!

While there may be a few challenging holes at Stonecutters Ridge (or in my case, all 18), none will compare to the 19th hole at the Legends Golf and Safari Resort, within the Entabeni Safari Conservancy in South Africa ’s north-eastern Limpopo Province. This tee-off point on top of a 430m mountain in South Africa is the hardest golf shot in the world, and more than $US1 million awaits the player who can score a hole in one. Players must take a helicopter to the top to play the longest – and highest – par three on the planet. Taking the shot also requires courage – a player needs to teeter terrifyingly close to the edge of the mammoth hillside.

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