Metricon warranty issues: resolved (sort of)

We moved into our house in November of 2010. It’s almost 2012, and we’ve still been “working” with Metricon to address the outstanding issues from what was originally supposed to be our 90 day inspection (Side Note: A 90 day inspection is typically when the inspection is held, but lord knows when the issues are actually fixed.). Finally, after complaining posting on Twitter  (Kudos to Metricon for managing their social media channels!), Metricon contacted us directly and scheduled a time for their NSW Building Manager to meet us and inspect the final issues we had that were related to the initial inspection (hence the lack of updates lately…). Were we finally getting somewhere?

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Meet Bryce

BryceOn October 2nd, 2011 at exactly 12pm (and weighing a hefty 4.62kg), Megan and I welcomed Bryce into this crazy world. Instantly, we were in love. Born at Norwest Private Hospital in Sydney, we spent a few days recuperating before coming home and settling in to a house that really feels like a home now. Jake, our Labrador, is adjusting well to this new family member, trying to bring him a toy every time he starts to cry. Thoughtful, but not the most sanitary of settling techniques.

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Three great Australian home build blogs


It was only natural for us to try and document our entire build process online. My family lives a good 7,000km away in San Diego, California and I wanted a way to share in our experience and adventure of building a home.

Maybe it’s because I had never even thought of building a home before, or perhaps it’s just a sign of the times, but there seems to be literally hundreds of home building blogs scattered around the internet these days. A good majority of these seem to have been left for dead just a few months into them. Whether it was because it just became to monotonous or too time consuming we’ll never know, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find a few gems that really stuck with it and documented the entire process in great detail. Here are three great Australian home build blogs (other than ours, of course) that we found helpful when we were still building.

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We’re In!

Metricon Keys

Exactly 365 days after putting our deposit down with Metricon, we received our keys.

For those who have been reading on a regular basis, you probably wondered why the awkward two week absence from our regular blogging schedule. A lot had been up in the air with Metricon about dates and how handover was going to be handled but alas, it’s all history now.

Welcome to our new home.

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How safe is Sydney?

I’m holding out that humanity still has a sliver of respect left. On days like today, I cringe for the future of this world.

This morning, just hours before I arrived for work, a private security guard was shot and killed in an attempted robbery in the lobby of the building in which I work. The armed gunmen only got away with the security guards gun, but stole a whole lot more – a man’s life.

Shooting of Chubb's guard at Sussex Street

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