Organising our life

Liberty 42 at Stonecutters Ridge

Unpacking is a lot like Christmas – each box you open you find stuff you’ve completely forgotten about. Especially if you build a house and it has all been in storage for months!

We’ve spent the better part of the last few week unpacking the intimidating stacks of boxes in our ‘staging area’, but within the same time period, we’ve done a lot more including:

  1. The fence installed
  2. Concrete poured for the driveway, walkway, front patio, two backyard patios
  3. Shovelling 3 tons of road base for the side of the house (stones and pavers to follow)
  4. Moved 20 tons of topsoil and mixing in to the terrible clay soil we’ve got
  5. Laying 160 sqm of turf
  6. Did I mentioned we moved house?

It’s truly amazing how much more work there is when moving into a new home rather than one that’s been occupied before! You’ve got to think about stuff like the fencing, driveway, mailbox, services (ie. Telstra, Foxtel, etc.) and in our case – turf so the dog doesn’t bring dirt and mud into the house every time he needs to go outside.

In addition to all this, we decided to take carpet and tiling out of contract which meant trying to schedule these guys in as well – all before the furniture even arrived. Phew!

But, we’re in. We are living in our new home that has been a long time coming, and it’s great. Unfortunately with all the activity and the different projects we’ve set upon ourselves, I haven’t even taken my camera out of it’s bag yet, let alone even post for awhile. I do promise to take pictures soon, so stay tuned. We’re still here – and we’ll continue to post about our adventures.

Hope all is well out there in internet-land!

Goodbye, old house

Well, we’ve moved. It was easier than we thought, at least in terms of getting everything packed up and put in storage. Deciding what we’d keep with us for the nine months or so, and what would be stored was an entirely different story – especially for Megan. To her credit though, I think she actually packed away more clothes than she decided to bring with her, and the Goodwill has definitely benefited from our move. Even the people that are moving in made our easier, albeit, indirectly. We had our internet cancelled two weeks early in an attempt to get their service set up by the time they moved in. Without the net, we spent time we’d otherwise spend on the computer – packing. They also bought a bit of our furniture off us.┬áThe harder side of the move was the emotional ties to the old place

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Have wanderlust, will travel

earth from spaceHave you got that urge to just get up and go and experience a new part of the country? Or even the world? How about that far end of the local mall that you’ve never been before? It’s not uncommon for one to seek out the unknown, leave your comfort zone, and see what’s out there.

For many the journey stops almost as quick as it begins, staying in a fancy hotel room, ordering room service, and watching TV. For others, it’s getting your hands dirty and feeling what it’s like to not just see the culture that surrounds you, but experience it.

Wanderlust (Middle High German: wandern, to wander, and Lust, desire) is a German loanword. It is commonly defined as a strong desire to travel, or, of having a strong desire to explore the world.

Think you’ve got it? Most immigrants do. There’s a “push and pull factor” that affects the human population.

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