Gingerbread Extravangza

Gingerbread HousesWith the family here, and the Holiday celebrations in full swing, there’s nothing like the taste, smell, and sight of a well decorated gingerbread house to put you in the mood for Christmas.

Thanks to an amazing neighbour, the women and children of the neighbourhood got together and went to town decorating these pre-made gingerbread houses to within an inch of their lives. Some extravagant, but all delicious, these houses won’t stand a chance. They’ll be gone by the end of the week I’m sure.

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Tiling and Painting

Kitchen Backsplash

After great coffee and great conversation with two of our future neighbours, we made our way to the house again today – something that has become our Saturday ritual. Arriving to Stonecutters Ridge, we found our house a flurry with activity. Both the tilers AND the painters were on site working away – making the house look like a home! We weren’t the only ones. Another of our future neighbours across the street had a team of tradies on site laying wire mesh in preparation for their slab to be poured next week. So much is happening in the neighbourhood, now that the weather has warmed up!

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Guttering finished, and a Liberty invasion!

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course

Another good weekend.

After meeting with our site supervisor on Friday, and seeing the start of our guttering installation, we opted for a quick trip back out to Stonecutters Ridge, as we were out running errands already. A relatively quick, and unassuming trip, turned into a rather interesting day!

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We’ve been approved by Blacktown Council – now what?

Council has approved the plans, we’ve received or “Authorization to Commence Construction” from our lender and the land has been cleared of all rubbish, debris, and tall weeds. So now what?

Now we wait.

After the monotonous back and forth process between the builder, council, our bushfire consultant, and the Rural Bushfire Service over the past two months, it is nice to start getting into a routine and understand clearly what the process is from here.

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Stonecutter’s Ridge Golf Course – Opening soon?

stonecutters ridge entrance

With all the bad news we’ve been receiving lately surrounding the delays within the council approval process, it was nice to get some good news.

First posted by our neighbour Amanda at Stonecutter’s Ridge, the golf course is full steam ahead, with the first 7 holes open for play in around three weeks time, and the temporary clubhouse set for completion in approximately 3 months.

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