Staring me down

She won. It wasn’t even close.

It was feeding time at the Taronga Zoo, and the pride was very active – coming right up to the glass and staring us down. Could they see us? I’m not sure, but it sure as hell made me feel uncomfortable. Visit my photography website to see more photos from our trip to the zoo.

Full moon over Sydney

MoonriseThe moon was quite spectacular recently, rising slowly through the trees at Stonecutters Ridge.

Taronga Zoo

The view from Taronga Zoo

The view from Taronga Zoo

In the true spirit of Mothers Day, we did what every mother would want to do – spend time with the family. So, we went the zoo! We tried to not act like monkeys, or squawk like the local birdlife but for some of us, it was just a little too much. It was a beautiful fall day – crystal clear skies and warm enough to keep us there until closing. I’ve been to a number of zoos across the world, and while Taronga Zoo might not have the most amazing collection of animals or the most stunning of enclosures, it has a view that is unmatched.

Be sure to check out the photo gallery of the Taronga Zoo for additional pictures (external link).

Sunrise Service

Easter Sunday Sunrise

Sometimes, you wonder if the dog wakes you up early for a reason.

A terrible Sydney view

Sydney from Dudley Page ParkThe warm evenings are a thing of the past here as winter approaches, and it’s barely even light when you leave the office. But somehow, even when the weather is crap, Sydney still has a way of putting on a show.