Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course Progress

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course Progress

With Winter behind us and the temperatures warming, the golf course at Stonecutters Ridge is progressing nicely. According to Medallist, the developer responsible for the completion of the golf course and the surrounding community, the course is set for completion in September with it opening for play in April 2011. This is to allow the course to grow in and mature before thousands of golfers are set loose on it early next year.

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Kona Village Resort Sunset

Kona Village Resort Sunset

While any sunset in Hawai’i is hard to beat, the tranquility and throw back to a Hawai’i of yesteryear at the Kona Village Resort on the Big Island of Hawai’i adds to the already stunning views.

More than a century ago, before a volcano seared the land, a fishing village stood on the beach where Kona Village Resort is today. Now Kona Village Resort is about the most civilized outpost from civilization you can find, providing vacationers with a tropical experience in a plush yet authentic setting.

A world apart from high-rise hotels and tourist traps in other parts of Hawaii, this resort has managed to create a place that’s tranquil, beautiful, and in touch with the awesome nature surrounding it.

Uninterrupted by TV’s, phones, and much of what has kept of from truly losing ourselves on holiday, is not provided or even allowed at this wonderful resort.

Since 1965, those seeking a great escape have crossed the black-lava fields to find refuge at this exclusive, one-of-a-kind haven by the sea with its wonderful dark-sand beach. The resort resembles an eclectic Polynesian village, with historic sites and beaches, and the lack of TV’s and phones motivates you reconnect with yourself and fellow holidaymakers. If you have the wonderful opportunity to frequent this much loved resort, be sure to check out the Manta Rays at night, as they feed in the shallow waters of the illuminated lagoon. It’s not to be missed!

My flat white coffee

flat white

Ah, flat white coffee. It’s what makes my world go ’round. Similar to a latte in America, this is what gets me up every morning. Fortunately for my pocket book (and Megan’s sanity), I’ve got an espresso machine at home.

An afternoon at Stonecutters Ridge

Sadly, not much is happening at the moment. Metricon has been difficult to deal with over the last few days, as the 150 deadline looms on the horizon. While no extension has been granted as of yet, I still hold out hope that they’ll see things from our point of view and grant us a short extension, if needed. Until a final answer is given, I feel it’s not fair to post details as to what has been happening. So as we wait for the last few details to be ironed out and approval to be granted, we took the chance to head out for a stroll around Stonecutters Ridge on Saturday afternoon. Here’s a few shots from the day…

View across the estate.stonecutters ridge view

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To deck or not to deck…

Which outdoor room style do you prefer?

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We had our hearts set on a beautiful Merbau deck for our outdoor room – at least until we came across an article in a recent Better Homes & Garden magazine.

Merbau is a very oily and very durable hardwood that is particularly resistant to termites. No wonder why it has become the wood of choice for decking and outdoor building. What keeps us from committing 100% to the decking is the cost ( around $350/sqm) and ongoing maintenance. We really do love the look, but the ongoing maintenance may prove to be an issue. And oh, by the way, we’ve got a dog, and likely another once we move in. I don’t know how well the wood will stand up with these guys racing across it. But what really threw us for a loop was an idea we saw in Better Homes & Gardens.

Decking OptionPavers are simple, generally easy to maintain, and relatively inexpensive. When designing the new home we thought we’d go with decking for sure. We still will have the front porch decked in the entry way, but our thoughts may have changed for the backyard. We’re now thinking of paving with dark grey pavers (matching our roof and step stones around the side of the house) and framing them with Merbau slats.

But what look do you like? Vote now for the style you like best. We need help!