Cladding. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Liberty 42 with Cladding - Front

Getting closer…!

This week was a week of major changes to the house. Sure, maybe there wasn’t a lot of work actually completed, but what WAS completed changed the entire look of the house.

The week brought scattered showers, but Colebee seemed to escape the worst of it. We seem to have had weather on our side this week  – allowing for the dutch gable woodwork, the majority of cladding, the painting of said cladding, and much of the scaffolding being remove. This puts us about a week or two out from having our house look completed – at least from the outside.

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Sorry, progress not found

nothing to do listThe weekend isn’t quite here, but I can already tell you our excitement of seeing the progress this weekend has already worn off.

After a short call from our site supervisor today, we were informed the metal capping for the brickwork has been delayed  as it needs to be custom made and, despite being told it was in stock, was not currently available. This of course needs to be installed prior to the weather board cladding – which has subsequently been pushed to next week.

We’re of course disappointed about the delay, but do understand this delay was out of Metricon’s control, and happy that our site supervisor reached out to us proactively to address any concerns we may have had about losing a week during the build process. It’s another tick in the ‘good on ya’ column for Metricon.

So we must wait until next weekend to see any real progress, but if this is as bad as it gets we’re really doing OK.

Winter is here, but so are our brickies!

Winter at Stonecutters Ridge

The rain is gone, but winter showed up. Judging by Amanda’s photos from earlier in the week, it’s been cold out at Stonecutter’s Ridge. It hasn’t stopped our brickies though, as they’ve been working full steam ahead – resulting in some great progress on the house this week. They were even out on site today, working until around noon. According to our site supervisor, who rang with updates on Tuesday, the brickies should be finished by the end of next week, with work to start on the roof next.

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More rain, more updates

Stonecutters Ridge Neighbourhood Panorama

As Sydney sits through another week of very wet and windy weather, we find ourselves inside – grumbling about how we hate the rain. Oddly enough, it’s a change for us. We’re usually big fans of wet and rainy days, where you can sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee in my case) and listen to the rain beat down on the Colorbond roof (a big plus in our book, and a major reason why we went with Colorbond over tile).

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Stonecutters Ridge Development Update – May 2010

Stonecutters Ridge Opening Sign

With the build moving along at a quick pace, it’s nice to see that the golf course and Stonecutters Ridge is moving along just as fast. Homes all around the development are flying up, and available land has become scarce! Here’s a few updates I’ve come across over the past few weeks that may be of interest!

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