Two weeks in to our build process – What’s happening?

Wall tilingIt has been two calendar weeks into our build process, since Metricon broke ground on our lot. Compared to all the hoopla around the site start, and how quickly our slab went down, this week was relatively quiet. Electricity conduits were laid, and drainage was dug. Other than that, not much has happened. No bother – the slab needs time to cure.

Today we had our official appointment with DiLorenzo. While we’ve been there numerous times before, this was the first time we had a chance to speak with an interior decorator who ran through our list of tiles, carpets,  etc. and gave us her professional opinion. Turns out – we did alright.

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Framing up the slab

slab framingThanks again to our neighbour Amanda for taking this photo yesterday. The pipes and framing for the slab has been completed, and the wire mesh and pads look like they’ll go down soon. Metricon is moving along quite quickly now that the build is in their hands, and the slab could be poured any day now, assuming the forecasted showers for tomorrow don’t materialize.

Watch this space! Our slab should be just around the corner!

The build process with Metricon begins…

site scrapeAs soon as we heard the news that there was activity on our site, we scrambled to figure out when we’d be able to make it out to the lot and see the progress first hand. It didn’t take long – we made our way out to Stonecutters Ridge this morning to find ourselves a flat plot of land, a few footings dug, and LOTS of concrete piers. We even arrived just in time to see our port-a-loo being delivered (admittedly it’s not as fancy as the one a few doors down)!

It’s pretty amazing to finally have work starting on the land. After all the delays we encountered at council, it was finally nice to see progress, albeit earlier than expected. It’s worth noting that the contract states Metricon should be on site and commencing work within 20 business days from having all the required paper work in order. It took them eight.

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