Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course Opening in July

River of mud at Stonecutters RidgeYou’d have to be living under a rock to not know how bad the weather has been in Sydney this summer. Rain, and lots of it. So far, in 2012 we’ve had 34 days of rain – and it’s not even March! While our garden looks good (and 3 week old turf looks like it has been there for 3 months), it has caused headaches for the construction happening at the Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course and clubhouse. What was supposed to be an April 2012 opening has now been pushed back to July – at the earliest.

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Friday morning visit, & Scaffolding!

Front of house with scaffolding and guttersAfter speaking with our site supervisor earlier in the week, we arranged to meet on Friday morning before work. So, as promised, we showed up nice and early to Stonecutters Ridge. Our site supervisor was running a little late, but the tradesman installing our fascia and gutters wasn’t. He’d been out on site since the break of dawn, and was confident that he’d finish by sundown. Talk about making the most of the day!

Waiting around this morning was actually a peaceful experience. I’m really going to love living at Stonecutters Ridge. Sure it was cold (around 11c), but the mist/fog on the fairways and the bird sounds created a nice relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, the little bit of extra time that we had allowed us to have a look around the site finally, as it was unlocked with workmen on site.

We were finally able to inspect much of the brickwork up close – and we’re very impressed.

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More rain, more updates

Stonecutters Ridge Neighbourhood Panorama

As Sydney sits through another week of very wet and windy weather, we find ourselves inside – grumbling about how we hate the rain. Oddly enough, it’s a change for us. We’re usually big fans of wet and rainy days, where you can sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee in my case) and listen to the rain beat down on the Colorbond roof (a big plus in our book, and a major reason why we went with Colorbond over tile).

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The delays, and the waiting game

MailboxLots of waiting at the moment…fortunately work is extremely busy right now. It helps past the time.

We heard back from our builder today, after inquiring about what was taking so long with the approval process. Apparently the individual handling our approval at Blacktown Council was “required to take annual leave” and didn’t pass along our case to someone else. They’ve now got someone else handling our approval process (which can be checked online) that has subsequently asked for additional bushfire requirements to be noted on the plans.

Once that’s provided, things should be approved…

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Our roofing choice – Colorbond Steel

Colorbond Roofing

Our plantation style home is just that – a home that has many features that you’d find on a plantation home from Queensland and other tropical areas of the world. Extended eaves and outdoor living was an important part of the design as well as the ability to open up the house and let the air flow through it, something that becomes very important when the humidity levels rise. One of the options (a relatively dear option) given to us was to upgrade from tiles to Colorbond roofing. For us, this decision was a no brainer…

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