Cladding. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Liberty 42 with Cladding - Front

Getting closer…!

This week was a week of major changes to the house. Sure, maybe there wasn’t a lot of work actually completed, but what WAS completed changed the entire look of the house.

The week brought scattered showers, but Colebee seemed to escape the worst of it. We seem to have had weather on our side this week  – allowing for the dutch gable woodwork, the majority of cladding, the painting of said cladding, and much of the scaffolding being remove. This puts us about a week or two out from having our house look completed – at least from the outside.

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Stonecutters Ridge

Well, we’ve bought the land, and we’ve started to get to know the neighbours. Yet we’re still around nine months from even being able to move in. It’s weird to stand where your kitchen will sit, or where guests will stay, and know that we will soon start calling this plot of dirt and weeds – home.

Here’s a few shots from our countless trips out to Stonecutters Ridge. Soon all these empty lots will start filling up with homes and families. Pretty crazy, huh?

Stonecutters Ridge, Lot 1150

Stonecutters Ridge

Stonecutters Roundabout

Are we there yet?


So, we’ve really just started when you look at the entire build process. Even so, it has been fun, but then again we haven’t reached the building stage yet. How will it change, over the next nine months?

We’ve decided to build the Metricon Liberty 42 out at Stonecutters Ridge in North West Sydney. It’s a relatively new neighborhood with the first few homes only slated to be finished within the next few weeks. It’s all a new process to Megan and I, but it’s something we’re both looking forward to. We’re not sure what to expect, but we’re sure to learn heaps over the entire build process.

Jake at Stonecutters

While the look of our house won’t exactly match the above picture, it’s pretty darn close. We’ve decided on the Plantation facade and although we’re not rendering the house, the brickwork color matches the color very close, and the other colors are pretty similar. We’re set to submit our colors to the developer later this week, and then hopefully to Council by Christmas. Here’s hoping it all goes smoothly.

Over the coming months we’ll update this blog to track our build process. It’s going to be an interesting experience, for sure.