Custom Merbau Pergola

Tropical Pergola in Western Sydney, Stonecutters Ridge
Hey, it’s us. We’re still here, albeit with a lot going on. Here’s a peek into some of the progress we’ve made since we last provided an update.

One of the upgrades we sprung for when building our Liberty 42 with Metricon was french doors off the side of the home to take advantage of the extra room we have on the side of our home. The Liberty is a relatively narrow home design, which lent itself to the splayed 650sqm block we purchased at Stonecutters Ridge. With a northerly aspect, this area of the home gets a bit of sun throughout the year – a blessing on most days, though on the hot side during a scorching Aussie summer.

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Spring has sprung

Our backyard in spring.Bryce’s arrival in early October was perfect timing. Gone were the cold nights and frosty mornings – we were opening up the windows and bi-folds to enjoy the warmer temperatures and cool breezes. So was our garden.

This winter was, by all accounts, an unusually cold winter. Our neighbour counted 21 frosty mornings this year (at one point 5 consecutive days!), compared to 6 the year prior. While cozy when sitting by the fire, it’s not ideal for the garden. But with that said, our plants did surprisingly well considering the requirements for a tropical garden. The casualties can be counted on just one hand.

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A tropical garden in the heart of winter

FrostIt’s cold! This morning we experienced the heaviest frost of the year thus far, and while it makes the surrounding area look like a winter wonderland, it’s kept the fire working overtime, and us scratching our heads wondering why some of the plants are coping better than others.

Our goal has been to create a tropical garden to complement the plantation style home we’ve built, and as a we mentioned in a previous post, we planted a number of different types of plants in an experiment to see what might work, and what won’t. While we’re just entered the coldest time of the year, we’ve already had some interesting results.

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A Cold morning

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Western Sydney gets its fair share of cold morning, and regardless of whether you’re a cold weather fan or not, the accompanying frost makes for great views. We woke up this morning to what I believe was the coldest morning of the year thus far, and our coldest since moving in at Stonecutters Ridge.

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Cordylines in our garden

Cordyline Fruticosa close up

Cordylines are pretty popular in Australia, and while they tend to be the workhorse of most tropical gardens, they’re often overlooked and blend in to the landscape – unless you’ve got a camera with a large aperture lens. Then it’s a completely different view altogether.

This particular plant is the Cordyline Fruticosa (Kiwi). It’s a bright green cordyline with a reddish pink stripe down the edge of the leaves – striking when planted in bunches.

Plant it in part shade for vibrant colours but, as we’ve discovered, it does just fine in full sun as well. Like most tropical plants, it’s roots aren’t deep, but make sure the top 10-20cm of soil is rich and well draining.