A Cold morning

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Western Sydney gets its fair share of cold morning, and regardless of whether you’re a cold weather fan or not, the accompanying frost makes for great views. We woke up this morning to what I believe was the coldest morning of the year thus far, and our coldest since moving in at Stonecutters Ridge.

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Early morning walks around Stonecutters Ridge

Foggy morning at Stonecutters RidgeThe mercury is dropping, and the days are getting shorter, but it hasn’t stopped me from making the most of the daylight hours. Jake has become quite the little alarm clock – getting me out of bed right when HE thinks it’s time. Recently, that’s been close to 5:30am.

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Sunrise Service

Easter Sunday Sunrise

Sometimes, you wonder if the dog wakes you up early for a reason.

A terrible Sydney view

Sydney from Dudley Page ParkThe warm evenings are a thing of the past here as winter approaches, and it’s barely even light when you leave the office. But somehow, even when the weather is crap, Sydney still has a way of putting on a show.

Stonecutters Ridge Evening

Stonecutters Ridge Evening“It may be getting colder, and winter is approaching, but the views aren’t any less spectacular.”