Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course Opening in July

River of mud at Stonecutters RidgeYou’d have to be living under a rock to not know how bad the weather has been in Sydney this summer. Rain, and lots of it. So far, in 2012 we’ve had 34 days of rain – and it’s not even March! While our garden looks good (and 3 week old turf looks like it has been there for 3 months), it has caused headaches for the construction happening at the Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course and clubhouse. What was supposed to be an April 2012 opening has now been pushed back to July – at the earliest.

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A Cold morning

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Western Sydney gets its fair share of cold morning, and regardless of whether you’re a cold weather fan or not, the accompanying frost makes for great views. We woke up this morning to what I believe was the coldest morning of the year thus far, and our coldest since moving in at Stonecutters Ridge.

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A terrible Sydney view

Sydney from Dudley Page ParkThe warm evenings are a thing of the past here as winter approaches, and it’s barely even light when you leave the office. But somehow, even when the weather is crap, Sydney still has a way of putting on a show.

Australian Storms

Australian Storm

I’ve lived in many different places over my years – San Diego, San Francisco, Flagstaff, Barcelona, Sydney…but I have to admit: Australia has some of the coolest weather on the planet. 

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Summer Storms

Stonecutters Ridge is a great place to live but, like everywhere else in Australia, it’s not immune to the harsh weather we can experience in this sunburnt country.

This storm arrived quickly, accompanied by 50kph winds. It was a treat for my family though, visiting from Southern California, where storms like this are a rarity.