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telstra velocity

Stonecutter’s Ridge is being built as a Telstra Velocity neighbourhood. So what does this mean? All of our services – phone, internet, free to air TV, Foxtel – all of it, will be delivered via fibre optic cable by the ‘courteous’ people at Telstra. At the house, this is then split up into phone, Internet and Pay/Free TV signals. All of this runs across the single fibre at the same time.

Many people complain that this monopolizes our neighbourhood and keeps us from choosing our own provider. I’d have to agree. There is no alternative, because the phone line comes via the fibre as well, so you can’t even get ADSL with anyone else. You’re at the mercy of Telstra’s poor customer service AND outrageous prices. I’ve used Westnet and iiNet and loved the download quotas and service I received. I’m a little apprehensive about having to deal with Telstra – after all, it was their fault our internet was disconnected two weeks early when moving out of our old place.

When we first discovered that Stonecutters was going to be a Telstra Velocity I was, admittedly excited. Fibre optic? High speeds which were, theoretically, faster than ADSL2+? Sign me up. But then I read the finer details. No chance of switching to another provider, internet speeds capped at ADSL2+ speeds, and…the plans were twice the price of comparable quotas with other providers!? Not just other internet providers, but even compared to Telstra’s OWN ADSL2 plans. I was not happy.

Fortunately, Telstra was forced to review it’s pricing structure – partly because of a review by the Office of Fair Trading and partly due to the threat to break up the corporate goliath that is Telstra. As of 2010, their plans are now in line with comparable ADSL2 plans, at least from Telstra.

2009 Rates | 2010 Rates

But it does have its advantages. Because all your services, including free to air TV will come through cable, not a single home in the neighbourhood will have a rooftop antennae cluttering the place up. Plus, you take weather and line of sight receivers out of the equation. Remember those days that your TV picture would break up? It’s no longer an issue.

After watching what might happen with the Velocity network over the last six months, I think I’m starting to come around again to the idea of a fibre optic connection. As for Telstra? Not so much.

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  1. Kriss says:

    In the US there are laws requiring that complexes give you the option to use cable, satellite, etc. Our complex therefore, has at least one but no more than, a fixed number of “dish”es per building.
    I can’t imagine being forced to use one company for TV, internet, and phone. But, it does sound like it has it advantages as well. We actually use Comcast for all 3. So, in essence, we have chosen to do the same anyhow…
    Yours sounds really fancy and cool though. You will have to let us know what that is like!

  2. Michael says:

    Hi Stefan & Megan,

    Stumbled onto your site by searching ‘Telstra Velocity’ in Google. I share the same concerns about Telstra monopolizing the broadband market in ‘Smart Communities’. Still not sure how to go about this one!

    My wife and I have just bought a block of land in Freemans Ridge and are building with Trevelle. I’m glad I found your website so that i can have some form of reference when we start building ourselves.

    Did you design this website? Nice photographs by the way.

  3. Stefan says:

    Hi Michael,

    Apparently the “Telstra Monopoly” is temporary, especially if the NBN moves forward in its current state. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

    Best of luck with your build at Freeman’s Ridge! It’s an amazing experience – ups and downs, but an experience you’ll never forget. I did indeed design this website and took the majority of the photographs. My parents and siblings live in San Diego, California, so while the website was originally meant to let them follow alongside us, it has really taken on a life of its own, helping fellow home builders out and allowing Metricon to have a bit of visibility into our build. A win-win situation.

    Thanks for reading!



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