The Australian Navy: Leave a message, we’re on holiday

While I never expect to read a normal news article on any given morning these days, this one struck me as a bit odd. More so because this is the kind of thing you’d think you wouldn’t want advertised:

The Australian Navy will be on a 2 month holiday.

I understand that everyone needs a bit of relaxing time off, and there’s nothing better for morale than a well deserved break, but why would you A)require the entire Navy to take the time off at the same time, and B) advertise it!?

Ok, so it’s not shutting down entirely, and ships already deployed will continue with business as usual, but what if, for example, New Zealand tried to attack. (Oh hang on, there’s nothing to worry about there). The Navy has said that “If an emergency occurs, other personnel will be ordered back to work.”

Hmm, OK.

In all honesty, I don’t see this as being an issue. The Navy says this is part of an initiative called “New Generation Navy” aimed at attracting and retaining more staff by changing the culture of the navy and improving the work-life balance of personnel. Probably because they can’t reach their recruitment targets. A good start I suppose, but you need to do a lot more than just giving everyone some time off to forget about how bad their jobs really are.

Do you agree with what the Australian Navy is doing? Is it really a good idea advertising this ahead of time?

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