The ultimate guide to packing light

packing adviceWith the airline limitations on baggage these days, it’s likely that you’ll have problems figuring out how to bring everything you need for your upcoming trip. Here’s a few tips that should help you plan (and pack) accordingly.
Packing light saves time (e.g. waiting for baggage to be unloaded), money (no overweight fees), stress (no worrying about lost luggage) and the environment (less luggage means less fuel used to carry it). The industrial strength hairdryer does NOT need to come. With help from Go Green Travel Green, we bring you a number of helpful links and tips that will help you pack a bit lighter and more economically the next time you’re pulling out the suitcase.

Make a List

Check it Twice

Edit Your List. Edit it down. Way Down. Cross off everything you don’t absolutely need. Remember, you can buy just about everything abroad if you end up needing it.

Choose the Right Bag

You know how work expands to fill the time? The same is true for bags. If you bring too big of a bag, you will fill the space. It’s just human nature. Unfortunately, we haven’t found the best backpack or favorite travel luggage yet. (Though from pictures I’m partial to: Ebags Mother Lode Mini Duffel for business and Eagle Creek Centerline Maiden Voyage 70L or something like it but smaller for backpacking.)

Choosing A Bag

The most important things to consider are:

  • Quality — because luggage takes a beating, and because quality should always be an important consideration
  • Transportability — because you will carry your luggage more than the carriers will (and yes, whatever your actual plans, you will carry it)
  • Airline carryon limits — because in the real world, there are two kinds of luggage: carryon and lost

Brave New Traveler: Choosing the Perfect Backpack This backpacker outlines his quest for the perfect backpack before deciding on.

Fold Your Clothes

Fold your clothes in an efficient, wrinkle free manner. OneBag: Packing Clothes discusses “Bundle Packing.” (I typically roll my clothes, but I might try this next time.)

Find Your Own Style

Ultimately, you are the only one who has to to live with the way you pack, what you pack, and how much you pack.

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