Two days above 40c. What about Air Conditioning?

air conditioning unit at metriconIt has reached 43c the last two days. Thank god for this southerly change, which dropped the temperature 26 degrees over the last hour and half. It’s made the house comfortable again, and given me the energy back to be able to post again.

We went out to the display homes again today, in preparation for our internals/electricals appointment on Monday. We were there to look at the tiles, the lights, the cabinetry etc, but I couldn’t help but look at what sort of A/C has been installed in the display home. The A/C they had installed at the display home was a monster! It was taller than I.

The predicament I’ve got now is finding an A/C unit that will properly cool the house. We’ll have a bit of time to figure out, but I suppose it’s worth to start looking now…

But living at Stonecutters Ridge, out in the Western Suburbs of Sydney, we’re guaranteed to have many more days where the temperatures are searing outside and you do everything you can to stay cool. It’s on these days that air conditioning becomes your best friend.

We’ve taken the A/C unit out of contract to save money, but have left the air conditioning ducting in – that’s the hard part to put in after handover. A fellow Stonecutters homeowner have done the same, and seemed to be simple enough and Amanda, our neighbour recommends the same tactic. The ducting itself only cost a few thousand dollars, but the unit itself could be well over $10k. Factor in the builders markup of 25%, and I’m sure you can imagine how much money you could save by doing this after handover.

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  1. Kriss says:

    That seems smart to me!
    Although, I will warn you, we spent the weekend going to carpet places to get carpet and flooring quoted because our builder’s flooring was ridiculously overpriced. It is a sad, mind numbing way to spend a weekend away from your pretty new home.

  2. Stefan says:

    Hey Kriss!

    I’m starting to relate – we’ve spent almost two full days already trying to figure out our tiling at Di Lorenzo. It’s starting to feel like a 2nd home. Fortunately, I think we’ll have it all figured out before the house is done, so we can schedule our install almost immediately after handover so we don’t have to delay our move-in much more than a few days.

    I’ve been told install over handover would only delay 3-4 days at most. I hope they’re right.

  3. Amanda says:

    Check out the tiler Stevep79 used – apparently they were excellent and reasonably priced.

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