We’ve had our site scraped!

site scrape

As if Friday’s weren’t good enough on their own, we woke this morning to find that our site has been scraped and piers have been drilled – all unbeknown to us.

The above picture, and this wonderful news was all thanks to our future neighbour, Amanda. Not only was she up early taking pictures, but was out talking to the tradesmen, allowing them to use their water tap, to facilitate the drilling of the piers. Supposedly they’ll be using close to 600L of water, so here’s hoping Metricon will reimburse them. After all, isn’t there supposed to be water onsite before the piers are drilled?

There was no call from Metricon, nor the promised call from our site supervisor, but frankly we could care less. We were not expecting the scrape to happen this week and, with all the rain we’ve been getting, didn’t really expect this to happen next week either. So now what?

It’s hard to say, without speaking to our site supervisor, when they’ll actually start pouring the slab. It’s dependent on a number of factors really, but one thing is for certain… We’ve officially started the build process!

Buckle up!

Update (10:30am): Drilling of the piers has begun.

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  1. Megan says:

    I am so excited I can barely sit still today. Thanks so much to Amanda for alerting us to the activities and the use of their water. We look forward to returning the favour when we’re officially neighbours! I’m sure we’ll make a trip out there this weekend so hopefully we’ll get to say hello face to face :)

  2. maja says:

    I am so excited too! Thank you Amanda. I will bring you some chocolate chip cookies when we visit at Christmas!

  3. Amanda says:

    Hey everyone!
    I posted some more pics in your thread :) Apparently they’ll do the plumbing early in the week, then rio & waffle pods – apparently estimating slab for Thur/Fri.
    Hi to maja as well – I had a big day of meeting new neighbours – met the container guy (he’s owner-building – very brave!)

  4. Stefan says:

    Amanda, thanks so much for posting the pics. I got a call late in the day yesterday from our site supervisor – he seemed really nice (and very upbeat!) and was outlining what will happen over the next week. Thanks again for assisting the tradesmen on site with the water and giving them the ability to move forward with the piers.


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