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depressedHi all, it’s Megan. Here is the latest update.

Today was our original deadline with Metricon, and the day we hoped to get council to approve the bi-fold doors. As you can see from previous posts, after exhausting all avenues Stefan and I had a bushfire report done and submitted it to council in order to have our bi-fold doors approved without screens. Council in turn, submitted this to the RFS and we subsequently received verbal approval at 3:30pm today – it all was looking good to move ahead.

Since council shuts at 4:30, I decided to head out to Blacktown in the hope that the written approval would come by the time I got there. Upon arrival at council, I was told that although the RFS had provided written approval which said we didn’t require screens on the bi-fold doors, the doors needed to comply to the table outlined in the RFS document published on their website (that we had discovered about 2 weeks ago and were told that was outdated).

I was then told that council had engaged with a contact at Canterbury Doors and Windows (the supplier of the bi-fold doors) and they had been unable to prove that the whole door could comply to these requirements, only the glass. I was then told we were now back to where we started by council and I literally stood there in disbelief. We have had nothing but a see saw of yes that will suffice, oh no that’s not ok, oh but this will make it ok, oh no that’s not going to work either, wasting 2 weeks of our time.

I called our contact at Metricon after the dust had settled, and she was also in disbelief as she was expecting me to be on my way to her with approved council plans. She spoke to council, and whilst they chatted it all started to hit me and I broke into tears. I could tell the guy in front of me felt bad, but at the same time he wasn’t changing his stance. I then called the RFS to try and talk to the people that sent the letter but they had already left for the day. I then decided to call our bushfire consultants that had done the report for us to see if they could help and spoke to our wonderful contact at Eco Logical. She was in disbelief that council was scrutinizing this to the level they are and tried to quickly help me but determined this might take some thinking tomorrow. I  talked at length with council to fully try and understand why they can’t get their story/requirements straight and why we were asked to pay for a bushfire report if they knew the door didn’t comply a week ago. I never really got an answer other than alot of “Oh well, um you see thats just cause um so yeah”.

I reluctantly left council empty handed and unable to stop the tears, and going from an absolute high to an absolute low and feeling like nothing has been accomplished in the past 2 weeks. I called my contact at Eco Logical who was still there after 5 and who proceeded to chat to me for 20mins about potential avenues we could try and fight this. At this point, time will tell and hopefully I’ll be able to get some answers or paths forward tomorrow. I have taken the morning off work in order to try and get this sorted and am holding out my undying hope that I can make this happen and my husband and I can start building our dream home. Any finger crossing, well wishes, positive thoughts, prayers are welcomed at this point to help us get this across the line.

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  1. Paul says:

    That’s just awful. I can’t imagine how frustrated you both must be feeling at the moment. I’m crossing my fingers that one of these bureaucrats will do the right thing soon. Hang in there… one day, you’ll both laugh at how absurd this process was. In the meantime, stay strong and persevere. Good luck!

  2. maja says:


  3. Kriss says:

    I have no words.

    Good for you for driving down there and trying to wrangle it all face to face. And I hope your tears did make them feel like the teeny, tiny little mean people there are. There is just no excuse for them not knowing their own enforcement standards and wasting both your time and money.

    Crossed for you.

  4. Megan says:

    Thanks for all the support everyone. We’re working on solutions but playing the waiting game for now. I will keep you updated once we hear some hopefully good news!

  5. SarahV says:

    Hi Megan, I just want to give you a big hug. What a tiring rollercoaster. My prayers are for you today. Good luck.

  6. Megan says:

    There is no update really other than we have had our bushfire consultant talk direct to the RFS and we are going to upgrade the timber in the door to Merbau and then they will approve the door and we should get council approval but I’ve heard that we should get approved about 5 times and had it come back as a no so until it’s in my hands I’m not assuming anything. The bushfire consultant was supposed to send through this letter to get the approvals yesterday morning and I never saw it and couldn’t contact her all day. So we are left waiting and hoping that now Monday is the day….

    Thanks for checking in Sarah and we’ll post as soon as we have some news

  7. SarahV says:

    Hi Megan and Stefan, I hope that no news doesn’t mean bad news. Thinking about you and hoping that you have a positive outcome.


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